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$300.00 USD

A professional photo speaks a lot about your brand. It also increases the likelihood that that product will sell.

Your booking will include the following

1. Lock in your date agreed upon

Product photography pricing is priced at per image. Here is what you can expect


 *Number of Photos*

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1 to 5           $30.00 Per Photo                       $36.00 Per Photo

6 to 25        $25.00 Per Photo                       $30.00 Per Photo

26 to 99     $21.00 Per Photo                        $25.00 Per Photo

100+           $17.00 Per Photo                         $21.00 Per Photo

*Multiple photos of the same product are priced separately. e.g. If we photograph the front of a product and the back of the same product separately, that is counted as two photos.*

 For any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via email. I can be reached at

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